An Iowa Voter Asked Trump About His Faith And Responded With A Deranged Meltdown

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An Iowa voter asked Trump about his faith journey and who mentored him. The former president responded with a meltdown about grand juries and how hard he’s had it.

Trump was asked, “My question is, how has your faith grown since you decided in 2015 to run for president? And who has mentored you in your faith journey?”

This was Trump’s answer:

Such a great question. I’ve seen so much heartache and turmoil. I was a developer and other things. I had a wonderful life before all of this. I didn’t know what a grand jury was. I didn’t know what a subpoena was. I had a wonderful life.

Let me ask you a question are you glad you didn’t? I couldn’t be more glad. I’m so happy I did it because I made America great and we can do it again right now we are not a great country. But I have gotten to know because of evangelicals, I meet so many people and they feel so good about themselves and their family. I had never had that kind of an experience I mean I know so many people who are so incredible religious people, not just Christians, when I look at the Catholic faith, you take a look at the FBI, look it with the FBI is doing to Catholics made them like the enemy.

It’s horrible. How could a Catholic ever vote for a Democrat or a guy like Biden after the experience? I have met some of the finest people that I wouldn’t have had the privilege of meeting their religious leaders. They really are incredible people. 


“How has your faith grown since you decided to run for president? And who has mentored you in your faith journey?”

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 22, 2023

To summarize, Trump has no faith. No one has ever mentored him in terms of his faith because it is all a giant fraud, and he is on no faith journey.

Trump’s answer was an incredible word salad meltdown that was a classic Trumpian mixture of bragging, self-pity, conspiracies, and delusion.

Any person of faith that votes for Donald Trump is exposing themselves as a fraudulent non-believer. It must drive actual evangelicals like Sen. Tim Scott up the wall that they are losing to a complete fake like Donald Trump.

What stood out most about Trump’s answer was that the Iowa voter didn’t look impressed, as the former president’s snow job does not appear as effective as it used to be.

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