An apartment renters inspiring Christmas story

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An apartment renters inspiring Christmas story

Below is a true story about a young man who rented an apartment and what followed next surprised him. I hope this Christmas story will put you into the right spirit about the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season.

Jim Glaud just been handed the keys to his new Manhattan apartment on 22nd Street when the outgoing tenant said something curious: “just so you know, there’s thing where letter addressed to Santa come to this apartment. The previous tenant before me had this happen too. It has been coming in for years and know one knows why,” He went on to say: “But its not that big of a deal.”

Jim settled into his apartment, and for the first two years only a few letters trickled in. Then in the months heading into 2010 Christmas there was a deluge of letters from kids and parents asking “Santa” for gifts they could not afford.

Now before I continue with this story, let me tell you Jim of course is not Santa, He runs a Broadway marketing company.

Okay back to the story, one night Jim threw a Christmas party, and one of his apartment guests noticed all the letters to Santa tucked in the corner of his dining room and asked him about it.

Jim told him his party guests the story, and his guests were intrigued and were sad about all these needy letter on Christmas. Each of the guests said they would help and respond to the needy letters.

And so was the Miracle on 22nd Street, a community-based volunteer organization that responds to children’s letters to Santa with season’s greetings and gifts.

Jim being a marketing guy, helped spread the word with a website and a Facebook page You can view his website here

Last year, Jim and the Miracle 22nd Street helped more than 800 families. If you like to donate visit the website here

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