Alex Tuch and Peyton Krebs Are Fitting Well in Their New Surroundings

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Let’s be honest, when you get traded for an elite player, you have some big shoes to fill. Well, both Alex Tuch and Peyton Krebs are doing their part and they haven’t played a single game for the Buffalo Sabres. Krebs and Tuch came to Buffalo in the trade that sent Jack Eichel to the Las Vegas Golden Knights a couple of weeks ago and they’re already fitting in well for the organization in different ways. In this article, I’m going to tell you how they are doing just that.

Becoming a Fan Favorite


Let’s start with Tuch. He won’t be playing in a Sabres uniform for a couple of months but he’s already becoming a fan favorite. Every year, the 11 Day Power Play takes place in Buffalo. Players try to break the record for the longest hockey game played while raising money for cancer. Tuch was kind enough to stop by and say hi.

Tuch is now my favorite player on the Sabres and he hasn’t played a single game for Buffalo. There’s a narrative about Buffalo not being an attractive place to play but Alex is very excited to be here and it’s refreshing to have a player like him on the roster.

Making a Good First Impression

New Sabres prospect Peyton Krebs has special opportunity with Amerks |  Buffalo Hockey Beat

Krebs is also making a good first impression but in the American Hockey League. According to the Rochester Americans website, Krebs has 7 assists in 6 games played with Rochester. Him and Jack Quinn have formed a nice connection and I won’t be surprised to see both of them up with the Sabres sooner rather than later. It’s great to see Peyton having success early and according to other people watching him, he seems to be performing well.

I’m excited to see both of these players play in Buffalo whenever that might and I think Buffalo Sabres fans should be very excited for these two as they will be part of the solution for the Sabres.

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-Zach Jezioro (@ZachJ_13 on Twitter)

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