Album Review: Burp. by Burp.

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From intense to silly to blue, Burp. delivers a dynamic rock record for their debut, giving listeners a peek at the band’s range and potential.

Those familiar with the Lowell music scene are undoubtedly familiar with the up-and-coming rock outfit Burp. The members include lead singer/guitarist Leo Folan, guitarist Nathan Richer, bassist Matt David, and drummer Joe Milia. Known for their energetic songs and chaotic shows, they have dropped their anticipated debut self-titled album, showcasing their talent and personality.

The album opens with “My Back Hurts,” a hilarious punk track that tells the story of a massage gone wrong. This song perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album, giving listeners a sense of their sense of humor and flexibility. Like others on the album, the song blends punk, Midwest emo, and math rock elements.

Despite their lack of seriousness, their songs still carry emotional weight. The skit at the beginning of “Let’s Get Italian” should not detract from heartfelt lyrics like, “Oh Britney, why would you pick him / just give me this one chance” being belted at the song’s climax. Burp.’s punk bangers also have emotional moments, like “You ripped out my heart / turned me into a shard / of who I used to be / oh, you ruined me” on “When You Come Around.”

Songs like “Fake I.D” show off the band’s ability to switch tempos and create a rollercoaster of a track. The song transitions seamlessly from dreamy to chaotic. The end of “When You Come Around” is especially infectious, with a bassline that carries the noisy guitar and drums. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if you are listening to the same song because of the drastic and satisfying changes within them.

Tapping into their emotional side, the closing tracks served as a refreshing landing after the preceding chaos. The instruments combine to create a melancholic power ballad on “Emily” and transition into the melodic yet intense “Do You Notice?

Burp. has been the most fun I have had with an album in a long time. For a band that does not take themselves too seriously, their intricate instrumentation is no joke. Though their humor may not be for everyone, their talent is undeniable. This punk-adjacent record will have listeners swaying, headbanging, and laughing to their hard-to-pinpoint sound. Lowell’s best-kept secret has knocked it out of the park with their debut album.

Find Burp. on Spotify or Apple Music, and catch them at the Middle East on March 1st.

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