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We all saw, or heard about, the incident that occurred earlier in the week during the Oscars. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face after a joke was made about Jada Smith’s Alopecia. There have been numerous debates on whether the joke warranted a slap to the face, and if the joke should have been taken so harshly. Some sources say that Chris Rock did not know. I have seen people make the connection that the joke was actually in relations with Jada’s infidelity! Either way, I personally don’t believe any form of assault was appropriate at this HUGE event, and I didn’t like the joke. Anyways, let’s look at what has gone down this week as we have just received another update!

Immediate aftermath

A very interesting article written by Buzzfeed.com reported bits of what happened at the ceremony. According to Buzzfeed, Will Smith was actually asked to leave the ceremony, but obviously didn’t. He received comfort from several actors. Also, Chris Rock apologized to one of the hosts Wanda Sykes after it occurred. Then, as most of us have seen, Will Smith attended an after-party. Chris did the same, but it was more private.

The Academy

For those who don’t know, Will Smith is apart of The Academy-the prestigious team that organizes and votes for the nominees/winners of the Oscars.  Earlier in the week, it had been rumored that disciplinary action would be taken against Will Smith because of some statement made by members of The Academy. According to the same Buzzfeed article, “all 54 members of The Academy would vote on how to discipline him”. Well, a meeting is supposedly taking place on April 18th, but Will Smith resigned today. Who knows what will happen now. The Academy stated that they did not expect this behavior and initially had no rules for such an occurrence, but they have said their apologies. The three hosts believe they deserve apologies as well.

The Academy does not condone violence of any form.

Tonight we are delighted to celebrate our 94th Academy Awards winners, who deserve this moment of recognition from their peers and movie lovers around the world.

— The Academy (@TheAcademy) March 28, 2022

On a humorous note…

According to an article I read by USA Today, Chris Rock’s show tickets have shown an increase in sales. Good for him! Also, I have decided to gather up the meme’s that Twitter has shown me this week.

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