A Realtor Looks Back on Her career

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A Realtor Looks Back on Her career

Below is an excerpt from Yahoo News via MarketWatch and The Escape Home,

The longtime real-estate agent snickered when I asked her to look back on her career and her clients. She said she had learned something that all agents soon come to recognize: “Owners are moaners, and buyers are liars.”

Would she be willing to expand on that? Oh, yes, she’ll dish, provided I do not print her name here. She is mostly out of the game — she has announced her retirement several times but keeps getting “just one more last deal” that she can’t turn down. 

She probably won’t have any more clients in the future, but, just in case, she wouldn’t want them to look her up and find an article full of what some might call indiscretion and gossip — Read the full article here.

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