6 Reasons College Football Is Better than the NFL

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Are you one of those fans that insist that college football is superior to the NFL? Perhaps you’re one of the people who claim that the athletes in the NCAA are better-trained and more skilled than their pro counterparts. Or maybe you think that the games are more exciting to watch because there are so many more match-ups between the top-ranked teams.

Well, whatever your reason is, here are six reasons why college football is better than the NFL. Keep in mind, though, that this list is just opinion-based. We’re sure other fans will disagree with us and if you do, hit us up on social media or add a comment below! Phil Jurkovec BC Eagles throwing football in Home uniformplaying for the love of the game.

  • They are not playing for a paycheck; they are playing to win and to represent their school. This passion is evident in the way they play, and it is contagious among fans.
  • Secondly, college football has a more organic feeling than the NFL. The NFL is a business; it often feels like the players are commodities. In contrast, college football feels like a community effort, with everyone working towards a common goal.
  • Finally, college football has more tradition and history than the NFL. The NFL is a relatively new league, while college football has been around for over a century. This history gives college football a sense of prestige that the NFL can’t match.
  • For all these reasons, college football is more passionate than the NFL. But there are even more reasons why someone would think college football is better than the national football league.

    College football is more exciting to watch

    One of the most common complaints about the NFL is that it is simply too boring to watch. The games are often lackluster, and most plays simply run up the middle or short passes. In contrast, college football is widely considered to be far more exciting.

    The games are faster-paced, and there is a greater variety of plays. In addition, college football features many more young players eager to prove themselves competent enough to be on the NFL depth charts. As a result, the level of play is often higher, leading to more excitement for fans. When it comes to the excitement level, is clear that college football is simply a more enjoyable product than the NFL.

    College football is more unpredictable

    College football is more unpredictable than the NFL. In the NFL, only a handful of teams have a realistic chance of winning the Super Bowl each year. In contrast, any team in college football could potentially win the national championship. This makes for a more exciting and unpredictable season. Furthermore, college football has a playoff system, whereas the NFL does not.

    This allows more teams to compete for the title and makes the games more exciting to watch. Consequently, college football is more unpredictable and exciting than the NFL, making it the better option for fans.

    Texas vs Oklahoma at the line of scrimmage with fans in the background cheeringCredit: Greg Nelson

    College players are playing for the love of the game

    One of the key reasons college football is better than the NFL is that the players are playing for the love of the game. In the NFL, players are motivated by money, fame, and individual glory. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it can create a competitive environment that is more about winning at all costs than simply enjoying the sport. In college football, on the other hand, players are often more motivated by their love of the game and their desire to represent their school.

    This creates a more positive and fun environment that fans can enjoy. Additionally, college football players tend to be more down-to-earth and approachable than their NFL counterparts. This makes them more relatable and likable, which only adds to the appeal of college football.

    College football is more affordable

    One of the biggest reasons why college football is better than the NFL is that it is more affordable. Football fans can attend a college game for a fraction of the cost of going to an NFL game. In addition, many colleges offer students free or discounted tickets, making catching a game even easier. And if you can’t make it to the stadium, you can always watch it on TV.

    College football games are typically broadcast on ESPN, which is included in most cable packages. By contrast, NFL games are only available on premium channels like ESPN+ or NFL Network, which can add an extra $10 or more per month to your cable bill.

    So if you’re looking to save money and still enjoy some great football action, college football is the way to go.

    The NFL has too much control over the sport

    The NFL has been criticized for its overbearing control of the sport of football. In contrast, college football is governed by a variety of organizations, including the NCAA, conference commissioners, and university athletic departments. This decentralized system gives each level of the sport more autonomy, and as a result, college football is more responsive to the needs and wishes of its participants.

    For example, the NCAA has been able to institute a number of rule changes in recent years that have made the game safer and more enjoyable for players, while the NFL has been largely resistant to such changes. In addition, college football fans have more opportunities to see their favorite teams play, as there are typically more games on television and more postseason bowl games.

    As a result, it’s clear that college football is a better product than the NFL, partly because a single entity less controls it. In conclusion, college football is better than the NFL for a variety of reasons. It is more unpredictable and exciting, the players are more down-to-earth and playing for the love of the game, it is more affordable, and a single entity less controls it. So if you’re looking for a great football experience, college football is the way to go.

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