5 Cleveland Browns Players That Deserve to Go To The Pro Bowl.

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With only 5 regular games of the season left it’s time to start thinking about the Pro Bowl and which Cleveland Browns players I would love to see there.

A lot of people would say it’s nothing more than a popularity vote which is true but it is also such a great thing to watch with the whole family.

The Cleveland Browns haven’t had the best season some fans may argue but there is players within the roaster that deserve to be there and these are my top five picks. Could they all be there? we only have to wait a few months to find out.

Myles Garrett. 

If this isn’t the most obvious player to be there then I don’t know who is. Myles has been to two pro bowls already surely a third is on its way?

Myles has 14 sacks with 25 solo tackles to his name and the season isn’t over yet. He was first in sacks but with the Browns having a bye week he’s slipped to second but no doubt he’ll be first again by next week.

Garrett is a defensive end that every team fears and if you see him coming towards you, you’re in trouble for sure. He has been a huge part of the defensive for the Browns in not just his plays but his leading from the side line and always being there for the rookies.

Nick Chubb. 

There is so many incredible running backs in the league but one player who is up there is Nick Chubb. An explosive player who is able to run down that field like batman.

Nick has ran for 867 yards which has him as fourth in the whole league, with 6 touchdowns and he is 5.8 on average for rushing yards which lands him as second in the league. This is all while missing a few games due to injury and COVID.

Just like Myles he has also been to two pro bowls before so this would be nothing new for him. Nick for sure will be ending this season over the 1,000 rushing yards for yet another year.

Grant Delpit.

Grant Delpit name has been everywhere these past few weeks, the second round 2020 pick has played his first season after that horrible torn Achilles during the 2020 training camp.

Delpit first game for the Browns he proved exactly why they picked him in the 2020 draft with six tackles ( 3 of them were solo) and a sack-fumble.

Heading towards week 14 Delpit has started three of the 11 games he has played totaling 30 tackles (18 solo) one sack, one interception, three passes defensed and one forced fumble while adding five special teams stop.

Delpit is a player that is just going to grow and grow and become even better, he’s not only be a great player for the Browns this year but also helped out the local community during his injured season. The LSU graduate is going to go far within this team for sure.

Wyatt Teller.

When you think about Teller you think about a beast of a player or that guy that held an alligator on his shoulder.

Teller was ranked as one of the best right guards in 2020 and with Forbes opting out for the 2020 season Teller took this as his chance to shine. He is not afraid to get in players ways and make sure there is somewhere for Nick Chubb or Hunt to run.

Teller has not only proved how good he is but he is also a great team leader, hyping the players up and not afraid to speak his mind and that has shown with a four year extension.

Teller is a huge part of why the offensive plays are so good and he’s ranked as one of the best right guards in the league.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

The Cleveland Browns got a steal with Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah when he dropped to the second because of some undisclosed medical condition, the Browns traded up to get him and what a steal he has been.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah stats talk for themselves so far he has had 33 solo tackles, 1 sack and 17 assisted tackles. So far he is doing what both the Browns want him to do but also what he wants to prove to himself.

Is it to early to say he could become defensive rookie of the year?

Final Thoughts

There is so many Browns players I want to send to the Pro Bowl but that isn’t possible but an honourable mention needs to go to the rookie class, every year the Browns seem to draft the most eligible class and that hasn’t changed this year.

Greg Newsome II, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Anthony Schwartz, James Hudson, Tommy Togiai, Tony Fields II, Richard LeCounte II, and Demetric Felton are the class of 2021.

Even Newsome has spoken out on how tight the group is:

This is showing that the whole franchise is working togetherto get that Super Bowl win. This team is evolving and it’s getting harder to talk about which players deserve to go to the Pro Bowl, that can only be a good thing right?

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~Jen Hunt (@Jenhunt_ on Twitter)


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